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Anyone can be an artist. It is one of the most personal things you'll ever do. The sheer fact that it's a personal thing also makes it one of the most subjective so it doesn't matter if it's good by anyone else's standards, as long as you like it. Give a kid a crayon and he or she will draw for hours. Give them praise and they will always believe in their ability to express themselves.
I always had that positive reinforcement and it led me to ways of expression I'm still discovering. There are endless possibilities.
On this site are some of my favorite endeavors. Some are commercial works, some are odd. There are photos, digital art and
art in all kinds of media. Artists often say their paintings are like their children. You don't love any one of them less.
This rainbow was captured as I was barrelling across the Nevada desert near the California State Line. No matter how many times I see a rainbow I can't help but be mesmerized. A rainbow in the desert, imagine that!